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Title: Nortikka
Creator: MämmiKunniaan
Date(s): September 30, 2006 - December 24, 2016
Medium: video (parody fan-dub)
Fandom: Naruto
External Links: MämmiKunniaan Youtube channel
MämmiKunniaan Dailymotion channel
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Nortikka is a Finnish Naruto abridged series. Likely one of the most famous Finnish abridgeds ever made, it launched on September 30th, 2006. It was made by the fandub group MämmiKunniaan and was uploaded on their Youtube channel. Backups were posted on Dailymotion. While not being the only fandub of the group, it is the longest and best known one. It follows the story of Nortikka (Naruto) from Lehtikylä (Leaf Village) and his adventures with his friends Sukisuki (Sakura) and Mallu (Sasuke).

The Nortikka series ended up eventually getting a 55-episode first season, a movie, and a 3-episode second season, a 2016 remake of the first 30 episodes, as well as multiple Christmas calendar spinoffs and music videos, some of which won prizes at Desucon AMV competitions over the years. The group's Sword Art Online abridged can also be considered a Nortikka spinoff; Kirito in this series is actually Kakashi from Nortikka who got stuck in a videogame.


Nortikka was very influential in the Finnish fandom during its runtime, and is still remembered with nostalgia. Although it was not initially liked by all Finnish Naruto fans in the late 00s,[1] it came to be beloved among many over the years. Anime fans will still recognize and quote Nortikka lines, such as the titular character's catchphrase "Aika rajuu!" ("That's pretty rough!"), as well as Kakashi's introduction line "Mä oon Hatake Kakashi ja mä tulin tuolta" ("I'm Hatake Kakashi and I came from there"). Nortikka had a presence in Finnish anime conventions, where people might have referred to Naruto cosplayers as Nortikka,[2] and with the MämmiKunniaan team often putting out Nortikka related AMVs for Desucon's AMV contest.

MämmiKunniaan organized a 7-hour Nortikka marathon on October 3rd, 2020, to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the release of the first episode.[3]

Lost media

Nortikka, much like many abridged series, suffered from videos getting removed due to copyright. The original Nortikka uploads are long gone, now only accessible on the group's Dailymotion channel. After the official website of the group went offline, some Nortikka episodes were inaccessible. Nowadays Nortikka episodes 31, 33 and 38 cannot be found on the internet, as well as the 2016 remake episodes 21, 22 and 30.



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