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Name: No Hiatus
Date(s): September 8, 2007-August 4, 2008
Founder(s): FanLib
Fandom: multifandom
Scope: FanLib's official spokespersons and fan contributers
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No Hiatus was FanLib's official blog. It's motto was "Because fans never take a break." The name probably comes from the writer's strike that was happening at the same time as the forum's launch.

a 2008 banner

A snapshot of a May 2008 page is here; WebCite.

From FanLib: One Year Later (March 26, 2008): "On September 8, 2007, FanLib launched their official blog, No Hiatus. The blog would have a number of features, including "Fandom 411" posts which would give an overview of canon, Five Questions that featured members on FanLib answered, weekly updates as to new features on FanLib and more. Schinders, one of the main bloggers for the site, would also do a number of interviews with people connected to various television shows. These interviews were occasionally picked up and linked around in their respective fandoms. One interview was Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl. Some of these posts would get picked up and linked around fandom. One example of this was a post by xohhthatscenex that linked to a No Hiatus entry on the writer's strike and how it would affect Supernatural."

Some Examples of Content