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Recommendation Website
Name: Nightlock Recs
Dates: July 2011 - July 2014 (last entry)
Fandom: The Hunger Games

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Nightlock Recs is a fanfiction recommendation site for "Hunger Games fanfics you'd die to read."
Nightlock Recs - or Nightlock for short - is a lovely little site where you can find Hunger Games fanfiction recommendations - any pairing, any characters, any genre, any style - or even have your very own THG fic reviewed. Nightlock's premise is that it's a casual, friendly and fun site: no fuss, no stress, just a place where you can lurk for a great quality Hunger Games fic to read.

Reader's Choice Awards

When the mods decided to discontinue the blog they held the Nightlock Reader's Choice Awards, to highlight the best Hunger Games fanfiction. The fics were nominated by readers and winners were determined by online vote.

Category Winning Fic Author
Best Hunger Games When The Moon Fell in Love with the Sun Mejhiren
Best Catching Fire Portrait of a Victor Sponsormusings
Best Mockingjay The Other Mockingjay MockingjayFlyingFree
Best Modern AU Do Not Go Gentle dracoisalooker
Best Historical AU The Blind Date Malibustacy
Best Canon Complaint Fishers of Men A_Necklace_Of_Rope
Best Canon Divergent When The Moon Fell in Love with the Sun Mejhiren
Best Romance In The Elysian Fields Tomistaccato
Best Growing Together Good Again ct52