Night Breeze

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Title: Night Breeze
Author(s): greensilver
Date(s): May 2005
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
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Night Breeze is a Stargate Atlantis story by greensilver about Teyla Emmagan.

Reactions and Reviews

In Season One, Teyla was the toughest person in Atlantis, other than perhaps Sergeant Bates: she runs faster, fights harder, and endures more than any of the people of earth. In the episode "The Gift", it is discovered that she has wraith DNA, which explains her super-human capabilities, and why she can sense when the Wraith are about to attack. That connection then, once looked on as a gift by her people the Athosians, becomes a burden for her, driving yet one more wedge between herself and her people. It also became a focus of a lot of fiction for Teyla, exploring both her endurance and her connection to the wraith. The language is beautiful and rhythmic and intense, like the woman it focuses on. [1]


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