Nick Carraway

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Name: Nick Carraway
Occupation: Bondsman
Title/Rank: N/A
Location: West Egg, Long Island, NY
Status: Alive
Relationships: Canon: Nick Carraway/Jordan Baker Fanon: Jay Gatsby/Nick Carraway
Fandom: The Great Gatsby
Other: Wikipedia Page
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Nick Carraway is the narrator of The Great Gatsby, and as such not much is known about him.


Nick Carraway comes from a Middle Western family, went to Yale, and fought in the first World War. He's approximately 25-26 years old, and for a portion of the book seems to be in a relationship with Jordan Baker.


The Great Gatsby fandom is small, and relatively inactive fandom. There are fewer fanfics about the movie than the book on AO3, yet both tags combined still has less than 400 fics.


One of the main things that fans have discussed with Nick is his possible homosexuality. Fans have analyzed every word of this book for clues to prove that he's gay. An article written by Greg Olear sums it up quite well: Nick is gay for Gatsby. It begins with who Nick is, he's written as the picture perfect closeted gay man from the 20's. How he describes people sets him apart from straight men; he describes the women he meets by a single trait such as their voice or their dress or how they carry themselves. Nothing physical. But when he describes men, he describes their physical appearances like their smile or their muscles. And in the book he is shown in bed with another man in his underwear. One can see where the fans got the idea that he's gay.



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