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Journal Community
Name: New Trek Slash
Date(s): Created 4 February 2009
Moderator: jenlynn820 and shadow_hive
Founder: aheadofthecurve?
Fandom: Star Trek: Alternate Original Series
URL: livejournal

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newtrekslash is a Star Trek Reboot LiveJournal community for posting fanworks (fanfic, fanart, icons, vids, etc.). Although the account was created in February, no one seems to have started posting until May 8, the day Star Trek (2009) came out.

Based on the community tags, the most popular ships are Kirk/Spock (1427 posts), Kirk/McCoy (1112 posts), Sulu/Chekov (268 posts), Spock/McCoy (203 posts), and Pike/McCoy (123 posts).[1]

As of 2023, the community has 4,180 posts; 6,527 comments; and 2,165 members.[2]


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