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Journal Community
Name: "Specilized German WW2 Uniform Fetish" Furs
Date(s): created 22 March 2005 - last updated 10 December 2013
Moderator: banalheart, haubitze
Founder: banalheart
Fandom: Furry

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nazi_furs is a livejournal community active in the mid 2000s that was intended for furries interested in Nazi uniforms and history. In 2006, it was friendslocked.[1] According to the community rules,

This community is in no way related to - nor will tolerate - racial hatred, genocide, anti-semitism, or any political ideology relating to the former. We are simply a group of furries who enjoy either learning the history of World War Two or have a fetish pertaining to Nazis and Nazi uniforms, or both. The moderators of this community strictly monitor registration requests, and will not allow anyone who is in or relates with any hatred groups to join this community. Any posts pertaining to anti-semitism, racial hatred, ethnic cleansing, and the like (unless they are obviously sarcastic or humorous) will be deleted, and the posting user will be banned.[2]

In a 2011 post reflecting on the community, moderator banalheart complained that, "noone was interested in history or art or movies... just talking about fucking in uniforms or the occasional weirdo i'd meet at a con that was just creepy about it all, or those fucking idiots I never approved for membership here who just went out and stirred up drama and bullshit and claimed to be one of us anyways."[3]

As of January 2017, the community had 337 posts, 2034 comments, and 105 members.[2]

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