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Synonyms: Noromo
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NaXis (NAXIS, naXis, naxis) means "Not A Kiss In Sight." It is an older term for a noromo, an X-Files fan who does not see or support a romantic or intimate relationship between Fox Mulder or Dana Scully.

From a fan in February 1997:

While "Not A Kiss In Sight" is kinda cute, the term "naXis" unfortunately brings up cultural allusions that most NoRomos would have a distinct problem with. While we support CC in his decision not to have a M&S romance, we're not into walking around saying "Heil Carter". [1]

From a fan in January 1999:

Actually, the term NoRomo was conceived *by* NoRomos, because they didn't like the term "NAXIS" (an acronym coined by shippers which stands for Not a Kiss (X) In Sight) and felt it was derogatory and also didn't like the term non-shipper or antishipper because they felt that it made them sound like they were against the relationship - which they are not - but rather that they are against the romance - hence NoRomo. [2]

Some Examples of Use

[1996]: "I find [the episode "The Field Where I Died] unutterably depressing, but can certainly understand why it would make the NaXis cheer." -- [3]

[1997]: "We don't think alike - she's a 'shipper and I'm a NaXis, but I don't hold it against her. She'll figure it out someday I'm sure." -- [4]