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Newsletter Community
Name: NCIS Newsletter
Daily Source for All Things NCIS
Date(s): 7 April 2006 - 30 January 2018 (last update)
Moderator: periwinkle27, as524, bluefirebird, heartundone, meekosan, mrwubbles, murgy31, and sinfulslasher
Founder: teddibear, Nilihasi and lukecanwaltz88
Fandom: NCIS
URL: NCIS Newsletter on LJ

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The ncis_newsletter is comprehensive daily compilation of the NCIS fandom news community. The community is closed to new members and only moderators and selected other users can publish to the journal.


Our aim is to provide fans of the NCIS fandom with a newsletter that provides links and resources for all seven days a week. Daily newsletter editions feature news related to the show and cast members, fanfiction, graphics including icons, wallpaper and other styles of fanart, communities, discussions and anything else that the editors may find or readers submit.

Please take notice that this community is closed to membership so that only moderators and editors are permitted to post. Requests to join the community will be denied. Add the community to your watch/friend list to follow the recent events within the fandom. For more information on how to "watch" a community, please see the LJ FAQ. This community is for news items only. It is not designed or intended to be a forum to advertise items for sale.

Spoiler policies: We warn for spoilers for the current season and the most recent completed one. This switches at the end of July/beginning of August in preparation for the premiere of the new season. Active spoiler warnings are for Seasons 8 and 9 only. This is the only thing we warn for. For fiction and graphics, we link to the creator's header at the top of the page, which should hold further details on the creator's entries. If you wish to know if there are further warnings (non-con, character death, etc), please be sure to read the creator's header for such details.

Rating Policies: If one is provided, we will include a rating for fics, videos, and artwork. We are solely sharing the information that the author provided. We do not necessarily endorse the ratings. We suggest that you use discretion and read all of the author's information before beginning a fic. We link to the top of the page, which contains this necessary information.

We will not include links to stories which do not contain all necessary information (title [even if it's just called 'untitled'], author, pairing, and spoilers, or lack thereof). If your entry has been missed, please check to make sure all information was included, and if not please make sure to provide us with the necessary information either in a comment to the most recent newsletter entry or by email.

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