Myka Bering

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Name: Myka Ophelia Bering
Occupation: Secret Service agent assigned to Warehouse 13
Relationships: Sam Martino (former partner and boyfriend); Pete Lattimer (current partner and love interest)
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Other: portrayed by Joanne Kelly
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Myka Bering is one of the primary characters in the TV series Warehouse 13. She is a Secret Service agent who has been assigned to a secret extra-governmental organization that gathers and stores mysterious, powerful artifacts to keep them from harming people.


Myka has a sister named Tracy, and her father Warren owns an independent bookstore. Her relationship with her family is sometimes fraught, however. Her former partner in the Secret Service was Sam Martino, who was married when he and Myka had an affair, and who died as a result of an artifact.

Myka's personality is geeky, rational, and sometimes uptight. She has a near-eidetic memory and her attention to detail is what got her assigned to the Warehouse. She is a bookworm, she fences, and she speaks at least four languages.


Myka is probably the most popular character in the fandom.[1]


Early on, Myka's most common ship was the buddy cop pairing of Myka/Peter Lattimer, and in season 5 that relationship became canonical. However, starting in season two, the femslash pairing of Myka/H.G. Wells became the fandom OTP,[2] and many of these fans hated the Myka/Pete romance in the final season, feeling that the show had been queerbaiting the Myka/H.G. relationship only to turn around and give them an unwanted het pairing.[3] Other fans felt that regardless of ships, making Myka/Pete canonical erased much of Myka's character development.[4]

Rare pairs for Myka include: Myka/Claudia, Myka/Sam, and Myka/Leena.

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