My Darkside Past

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Title: My Darkside Past
Creator: Aruna7
Date: 2007
Format: wmv
Length: 36mb
Music: "Nightwish" by The Kinslayer
Genre: character study
Fandom: Highlander
Footage: original source material
URL: Vid Link on This Page. Vidder's Website

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My Darkside Past is a Highlander vid created by Aruna7. It is a character study of Methos.

Vidder's summary: "This is an episodic tribute to season 5 two parters about Riders of The Apocalypse. It shows how Methos has evolved and become a better person, seeking some kind of forgiveness for what he did. This is hard for him not to "turn dark again" when Kronos and his two former comrades show up, but Methos now has friends he can rely on."


It was reviewed by Lyndasty aka Desiree Jackson at the reel on March 25, 2008:

Titles: The vid starts with a very well done graphic of Methos and the title "My Dark Side Past". The graphic is AMAZING!

Music choice: I thought the choice of music was a little daunting at first (because I LOVE Nightwish and I know how fast paced this song is) but it works with the pace of Methos' past and keeps the video flowing and on track.

Narration, Tone and Movement: The narrator, I think, is somewhat split between Methos and Cassandra but the main narrator is Methos. The movement is very quick and the cuts are fast. All the cuts are done with precision and I think the pace of the song lends itself well to the way I think Methos would "see" his past. And the pacing of the episodes that are the basis for this video are wonderfully handled. The tone is quite dark but so is Methos and his past most certainly is, especially where it relates to being one of the Four Hoursemen and Cassandra. The tempo of the music is well matched with the movement and action of the video.

Cuts, Transitions, Effects & Colouring/Coloring: As I mentioned before, there are a TON of quick cuts and they are done with amazing and professional precision. There aren't any transitions or effects which I actually like because the vidder relies on the cuts as the transitions and effects and I LOVE THAT! I mean I cannot say this enough...the cuts are so quick and precise that they're artistic and pure genius!

Specific vid & music notes: Other than the fact that I ADORE THIS VID?!?!

Around 1:40, the music is kinda heavy on the percussion and the cuts reflect that and the sword clashes kinda sync up with the drum beats. I love it when vidders do that in vids. I mean it's hard as hell but when it's done right, it's AWESOME!

Around 2:20, the music turns a little frantic and the vidder chose some more frantic/chaotic clips to use that really mesh well with the tone of the song.

At 3:15, there's a line in the song "You're not a hero unless you die" and the clip is of Cassandra about to behead someone and that just rocked!

The way the vidder chose to end the song with a Quickening at the same tempo as the clashing end to the song was amazing.

Final notes: Honestly, I can't find anything to criticise in this vid. The pacing and movement of the music is matched perfectly with the clips. And Nightwish lends itself to Highlander and specifically Methos and I'm glad that Aruna decided to combine this song with Highlander.

I'm extremely glad that I volunteered to review this vid because I LOVED the vid and think that Aruna is a truly talented vidder. I wouldn't have missed this vid for ANYTHING!!