Must Be Moonday

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Title: Must Be Moonday
Publisher: anneblues
Type: art portfolio
Medium: digital
Size: 100 pages
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Language: English
External Links: gumroad
Must Be Moonday.png
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Must Be Moonday is an art zine containing illustrations based on Teen Wolf.


Circa 2013 when the aeroplaneblues blog was born to 2015 when things change. Here it is a 100 pages long artbook worth of 3 years of fan appreciation, tiny bit of spite and love for the show Teen Wolf. Many things you'll love or cringe but at the end it will (hopefully) be entertaining time travel!

All art was made by Anne M ( aeroplaneblues on tumblr dot com)

Made with love for all of those who shown love and support throughout these years and those new to come.

Thank you!