Music of Darkover

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Title: Music of Darkover
Creator: various
Date(s): June 2013
Medium: print
Fandom: Darkover, Filks
Language: English
External Links: publisher's website

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Music of Darkover is a for-profit publication. It contains 250 pages and was published in June 2013.


Publisher's Summary

The first new Darkover anthology in almost two decades, this volume focuses on the music of Darkover: stories with musical elements; the songs in the books; and the filk songs inspired by them, from "The Horsetamer's Daughter" by Leslie Fish to eight songs by Cynthia McQuillin. Original stories included are by India Edghill, Leslie Fish, Raul S. Reyes, Michael Spence, and Elisabeth Waters. There are also reprints of stories by Mercedes Lackey and Vera Nazarian.