Multiverse Challenge

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Name: Multiverse
Date(s): 2003-current
Founder: Sabine, Andraste
Fandom: Multifandom, space shows.
Associated Community:
URL: multiverse stories on Archive of Our Own
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The Multiverse challenge has been run annually since 2003, usually in the spring. It was conceived and started by Sabine and Andraste, and has continued in subsequent years, moderated by Andraste, as a multifandom space show crossover ficathon. Any show that included the possibility of going to space, or any show set in space, was fair game. Participants would list their requests for crossovers, and would be matched with writers who could write at least one crossover on the list (aka two space shows that matched their recipient). All fic to come out of the ficathon crossed over at least two fannish universes, eg, Farscape's Moya comes to Babylon 5 for asylum.

Like many other fic challenges, the completed stories went live and then there was a period of anonymity before the authors were revealed.