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Name: Alli
Alias(es): ms-demeanor, PaulAtreDeezNuts, more
Type: fanwriter, fanartist
Fandoms: Venom, Ayn Rand, Dune, more
Other: ms-demeanor, main tumblr
URL: AO3 profile

ive-got-a-parasite, Venom tumblr sideblog big-swinging-dick, Philip K. Dick tumblr sideblog atlas-plugged, Ayn Rand tumblr sideblog

ms-demeanor-art-blog, for fanart and non-fannish art
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ms-demeanor is a fan who is has been active on Tumblr since 2012. She is perhaps better known for her non-fannish activity and content, but she has created fannish content as well. She organizes her tumblr activity among numerous sideblogs: some are listed here.

Example Fanworks