Mr. Robot

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Name: Mr. Robot
Creator: Sam Esmail
Date(s): June 2015 - Present
Medium: TV series
Country of Origin: United States
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Mr. Robot is an American drama series following cyber security expert and hacker Elliot Alderson as he struggles with mental health issues, social anxiety and drug abuse. Elliot is recruited by the anarchist Mr. Robot to join the hacking group Fsociety and is slowly drawn into a complex conspiracy.


Suffering from delusions, Elliot is an unreliable narrator who rarely understands his own motivations and sometimes intentionally misleads the viewer. Often breaking the fourth wall, he refers to the audience as his imaginary friend. His decisions are the driving force for much of the action in the series, but he only partially understands his own role.

Main Characters


The fandom for Mr. Robot is small but very passionate. A large amount of fan activity focuses on creating fan theories and episode reviews.

Reaction vids and gifs are often used to express fans shock or outrage at the unexpected twists in the show's story.

Fanworks also include fanfiction, fanart and fan vids. The most popular ship in this fandom is Elliot Alderson/Tyrell Wellick, and the gen pairing of these two characters is also popular. Possibly because Elliot regularly breaks the fourth wall and speaks to the audience, there is a number of Elliot Alderson/Reader fics. Rarer pairings include Elliot Alderson/Mr. Robot, Mr. Robot/Tyrell Wellick, Elliot Alderson/Shayla Nico and Elliot Alderson/Angela Moss


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