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Fan Song
Song Title: mothers
Composer: Lilli Furfaro
Lyrics: Lilli Furfaro
Melody: original
Date: Jul 25, 2020
Fandom: Critical Role
External Links: YouTube link

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Fanart inspired by the song

mothers is a fansong by Lilli Furfaro posted on 25 July 2020 dedicated to the character of Fjord from campaign 2 of Critical Role. As of 02 October 2020, the video on YouTube has 122,333 views, 7,3K likes, and 498 comments.

a song for the warlock/paladin that continues to prove to us that it’s okay to change your mind.

Cast Reactions

Laura Bailey[1] and Travis Willingham[2] posted their reactions to the song on Twitter

Fandom Reactions

"Little boy, who holds you when you sleep" damn, that line broke me. I'm here thinking about Fjord and his fake accent, him trying to impersonate his captain, trying to appear charming and strong and like someone who's basically manlier than he his. He struggled to admit to being vulnerable when his powers faulted, and it was only after meeting Cad and the wildmother that he was able to glimpse at another side of masculinity, other ways to be a man. And in learning how to be earnest and kind and patient and observant, he realized he could be vulnerable and that there could be someone to care for him, that he could have a mother to hold him when he sleeps. Anyway now I'm emotional, and this is crazy beautiful.[3]

Little boy who holds you in your sleep? What voices come to comfort you, in lonely rooms with blood between your teeth? That line hit me the hardest and makes you think of all the long, painful hours Fjord has probably spent alone filing down his teeth to try desperately to fit in. This song, like the other two, are so perfectly crafted it feels like I'm hearing parts of these characters souls reaching out to me.[4]
Fjord's journey to find himself has been my favorite part of critical role. He started out so indecisive and insecure about who he was and what he should stand for, but the adventures built him up to the point that he was eventually brave enough to stand up to an entity more powerful than he could fathom. This song encapsulates those insecurities but presents them in a comforting tone, which reflects Fjord's gradual acceptance of himself over the course of the series. It's a beautiful tribute to my favorite Critical Role character. Thank you![5]

Tremendous. Stupendous. Lovely.

I imagined Fjord closing his eyes and hearing this song from the Wildmother at some point important in their relationship, at the cross-section of when Fjord knew he was ready to become the Wildmother's champion and she gently assures him he's making the right choice, but giving him a lullaby.

We don't know all of Fjord's backstory but I believe it involves an orphanage, so there's this void in him there's also this really rough childhood of being a half-orc, not human enough to fit in, not orc enough to belong there either. Then there's that empty place where he longs for parents, someone that cares for him.

Vandren was like his father and he lost him out on the open sea. Melora, whom he has recently found eases this ache he has for a mother. So much he becomes her knight and defender. Through the course of the melody you meet the Mighty Nein and they comfort that part of him that longs to be apart of something real, and then you get to the party with Mollymauk and when they find out that he died after they were kidnapped and it just rips Fjord apart, and he falls into a deep pit of doubt, entertaining the call of Uk'otoa but the Wildmother and the Nein pull him out. They pull him into adventure. A life on the land and sea, surrounded by his family, remembering the hard journey behind him, but always looking forward to the horizon ahead.

I wish I was an illustrator. But you gave me an absolute vision. Bravo. Bravo. Bravo.

Let's write a musical, I'll take the book, you take the lyrics.[6]
This one sat with me for a while. I didn't especially connect with Fjord for the longest time. However, the more I listen to this song, the more I love it, and him, and your beautiful story telling ability! As a creative myself, I so don't want to add any pressure to your process or work, especially during these difficult times, but know that if or when you release more of your work, I'll be jumping at the chance to listen :)[7]


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