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Name: Morgause
Occupation: High Priestess of the Old Religion
Relationships: Morgana (half-sister), Gorlois (father), Vivienne (mother)
Fandom: Merlin
Other: Portrayed by Emilia Fox
Morgause by Lancerey
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Morgause is a character in the TV show Merlin. She is the half-sister of Morgana. She was shown to be a skilled warrior as well as a powerful sorceress. Her first appearance was in the season 2 episode “The Sins of The Father” in which she unsuccessfully tried to manipulate Prince Arthur into killing his father. She hates the Pendragons, especially Uther, for killing so many magic users and tries several times to kill them and take over Camelot.

Fannish perceptions and tropes



The most common pairing for Morgause is with Morgana. The most common het pairing is with Cenred, which is canon, or Merlin, which is not.


  • Not For You by joan waterhouse. Morgause found him like she’d left him; bound on his knees in the middle of the clearing. Merlin/Morgause.