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Name: Steven Moffat
Also Known As:
Occupation: Screenwriter and producer, showrunner
Medium: Television
Works: Doctor Who, Sherlock (BBC), Jekyll, Coupling
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Steven Moffat is a Scottish television writer for Doctor Who, showrunner for the program since Series 5, and co-creator with Mark Gatiss of BBC's Sherlock.

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Moffat & the Fans

Fans seem to have a love/hate relationship with Moffat. Those who adore him seem to feel he can do no wrong while those who oppose him despise everything he touches. He is responsible for some of the most popular episodes of the Russell T. Davies era of Doctor Who, as well as the extremely well-received 50th Anniversary special. He is likewise accused of sexism, queerbaiting, and writing in circles for both popular shows.

In 2016, when Moffat announced leaving Doctor Who after Series 10 (which will air in 2017) and would be replaced by "Broadchurch" writer and producer Chris Chibnall, many fans rejoiced[1].


  • Sexism - such as the inability to write female characters - extremely strongly debated. While he has said some questionable things about women and what women want[2], the relative quality of his female characters as compared to Davies' could be argued either way. Some fans see Amy Pond as a strong, decisive character while others feel she is a victim with no agency. This is probably not a debate with any resolution.
  • Racism
  • Plot Holes (see)


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