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Misskey is a decentralized social media platform. It is part of the Fediverse and interoperable with Mastodon and other platforms that use the ActivityPub protocol. Mainly developed in Japan, it is popular among Japanese-speaking fans. It allows users to use a wide variety of emoticons, gifs, and reactions. (Each server may have a customized repertoire of reactions.) It has features similar to Twitter (like hashtags) and Discord (like reactions and channels).

Misskey is opensource software,[1] and can be self-hosted. Misskey HQ provides managed hosting of Misskey instances for a fee, too.[2]

The develoment of the software and the hosting of the main server are funded by donation.[3] The main server has more than 140,000 users as of April 2023.[4]


There are multiple Misskey servers (or instances) - some have thousands of users, others have less than 100 users and only accept registration by invitation.

One server has a local timeline shared by everyone on the server, and channels that users can choose to join.

A user posts notes to the local timeline by default, or to a channel of their choice. They can include hashtags in a note. Other users can send reactions to a note.

A Misskey user can follow users on the same server and remote servers in the federation, including Mastodon instances, and vice versa. Each user has a home timeline consisting of notes posted by users they follow.

Fandom-related servers

Many servers have dedicated channels to specific fandoms.

General-purpose servers


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