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Name: Mikoto
Occupation: Genome
Title/Rank: N/A
Location: Terra
Status: Alive
Relationships: Zidane (brother), Vivi (acquaintance), Dagger (acquaintance), Steiner (acquaintance), Freya (acquaintance), Quina (acquaintance), Eiko (acquaintance), Amarant (acquaintance), Garland (creator), Kuja (brother)
Fandom: Final Fantasy
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Mikoto is a minor character in the Square Enix video game Final Fantasy IX.


Mikoto is the younger of Zidane and Kuja, and one of the few Genomes (other than the aforementioned) to be gifted with a soul, and thus more personality than her robotic brethren.

Mikoto was created by Garland as the 'back up', should her brothers fail their mission of destroying Gaia.


Mikoto has a small niche in the fandom, due to essentially being a genderbent Zidane. She can therefore 'fill in' whenever fic requires Zidane's looks, but not his gender.


Mikoto's aforementioned niche can see her shipped with any of the male main characters - Zidane included - but avoiding Slash fic.

Some may consider this homophobic, however the inverse is also perfectly viable, with Mikoto/Garnet femslash ships existing for near identical reasons.

Mikoto's ambiguous age does deter some shippers, however. Her older brothers Zidane is 16, which guarantees her to be underage in canon.

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