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Newsletter Community
Name: Metanews
Date(s): 19 January 2013 (account created) - 30 August 2015 (on hiatus)
Fandom: multifandom Pan-fandom metafandom
URL: livejournal

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Metanews is a panfandom meta newsletter on Livejournal and Dreamwidth that was started to fill the void after Metafandom.

Unlike Metafandom, which had been criticized for causing wank by linking to otherwise obscure meta posts, metanews requested permission before linking to a post.

Many of its links were to meta and non-fannish articles on other platforms.

It never achieved the popularity of metafandom, possibly due to the fact that livejournal fandom was past its prime. However, anons at fail_fandomanon felt that on average the links collected by metanews were less interesting than metafandom.