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Title: Metaluna
Publisher: Metaluna
Editor(s): John Tipper
Date(s): April 1986 to 1997
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia & Science Fiction
Language: English
External Links: citation at the National Library of Australia
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Metaluna is a gen literary and multifandom anthology published in Australia. There are forty-five regular issues plus several "specials," each running about 20 pages.

The editor describes it as "a media science fiction media fanzine with regular excursions into original fiction and art." it features short stories, articles, and artwork, some of the content was devoted to such television series as Blake's 7, The X Files, and Babylon 5, and movies such as Forbidden Planet, and Dr. Strangelove.

Issue 1

Metaluna 1 was published in April 1986.

Issue 2

Issue 1/2

Metaluna 1/2 was reissued as a combined zine, and it had a cover by Mike McGann. This issue contained 36 pages.

Issue 3

Metalua 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Metaluna 6 contains 20 pages.

Issue 7

Metaluna 7 was published in December 1985.

Issue 8

Metaluna 8 was published in January 1986.

Issue 9

Issue 10

cover of issue #10, Mike McGann

Metaluna 10 was published in 1986 and its focus was Forbidden Planet. It has art by Robert Jan, Mike McGann and others.

Issue 11

Metaluna 11 was published in 1986.

cover of issue #11

Issue 12

Issue 13

Metalua 13 was published in 1987.