Meta Knight's Revenge (From Kirby Super Star)

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Fan Arrangement
Name: Meta Knight's Revenge (From Kirby Super Star)
Composer: Charlie Rosen
Jake Silverman
Performed by The 8-Bit Big Band
Original track(s): Boarding the Halberd
Album: Backwards Compatible
Date: 8 Jan 2021
Fandom: Kirby
External links: Bandcamp
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Meta Knight's Revenge (From Kirby Super Star) is a big band/jazz orchrastra style arrangement of the music track 'Boarding the Halberd'[note 1] from Kirby Super Star. It was composed by Charlie Rosen & Jake Silverman and performed by The 8-Bit Big Band.

The arrangement was nominated for and won in the Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella category at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards on April 3 2022.[1] The win caused a large positive reaction from the Kirby fandom, resulting in a variety of celebratory and congratulatory fan art, memes and other fanworks. Many video game news sites and blogs also created articles on the win.

Reactions & Reviews

Grammy nomination and win

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  1. ^ First English name for the track appeared in Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe. Sometimes referred to as 'Battleship Halberd: On Deck' or 'Meta Knight's Revenge'. Often paired with 'Havoc Aboard the Halberd' in arrangements.


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