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Synonyms: Mensa AU
See also: Alternate Universe, Vegasverse
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Mensaverse is a Stargate Atlantis fandom term for alternate universe stories set in the canon parallel universe introduced in the third-season episode "McKay and Mrs. Miller". It is called "Mensaverse" by fans because the alternate Rodney McKay says about that universe's John Sheppard that he was very active in their Mensa club.

It is not a shared universe, but many different fannish extrapolations of that universe exist, often quite dissimilar from each other, because the canon information is scarce. As the Mensaverse Rodney ("Rod") McKay we see is more military and action-hero like, many stories cast Sheppard as much geekier based on the Mensa comment and actually on Atlantis as a scientist, though the episode itself doesn't say that. However other stories keep Sheppard in the military. Sometimes the character of their whole universe is changed from the main one, for example turned into a dystopia such as Valderys's Mensaverse series.[1]

The LiveJournal community mensa_au, which was active from 2006 to 2009, was created as a dedicated resource for Mensaverse stories, and held challenges and fic exchanges.

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