MegaRed's Sentinel Con 98 Footage

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Title: MegaRed's Sentinel Con 98 Footage
Creator: MegaRed
Date(s): 1998
Medium: VHS Tapes (fan produced)
Fandom: The Sentinel
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MegaRed's Sentinel Con 98 Footage is a two volume set of VHS footage of fans and actors attending CouverCon 1998. Much of the footage was filmed by the fans themselves.

The cost for the two volume set in 1998 was $20 for both tapes ($15 for one tape) which included the tape, the decorative cover and shipping.

cover of Tape 1

Volume 1

  • Opening with Johnny Disco
  • Q&A stunts and technical
  • Q&A stand-ins
  • Enter Bilson and Demeo
cover of Tape 2

Volume 2

  • Enter actors Richard Burgi and Garrett
  • Q&A Cast
  • Auction
  • Q&A continued
  • Sentinel blooper reel