McShep Match Team Romance 2007 Interview with icantfollow

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Team Romance McShep Match Interview with icantfollow
Interviewee: icantfollow
Date(s): July 6, 2007
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Stargate Atlantis
External Links: online here; WebCite
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icantfollow was interviewed in 2007 for McShep Romance.

It is part of this project: Team Angst and Romance McShep Match Interview Series.


Harry Potter is my first and eternal love. I don't write fan fic for it anymore (wanna talk drama, try checking out that fandom *rolls eyes*), but I'm still a devoted fan girl.
SGA is fun, and easy to write for. This was the fandom that introduced me to the wonderful '5 Things' meme, which spawned a whole lot of fics for me. Plus, this fandom is just tailor made for AUs, and all the AUs that have come out of it are just wonderful. The characters stay the characters, no matter what world they're in. That's not so easy to do in other fandoms. I'd never written fic for a TV show before - in fact, coming from HP, I couldn't imagine writing in a world where the canon changed every week. My fandom got turned upside down every few years, and that was traumatic enough! But I actually love it. It's comfortable, and generally our preconceived notions about characters aren't completely thrown aside. Plus, when you're writing an AU, it doesn't matter. :)