McShep Match Team Peace 2009 Interview with mirasol

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Interviews by Fans
Title: McShep Match Team War 2009 Interview with mirasol
Interviewee: mirasol (Claire)
Date(s): August 5, 2009
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Stargate Atlantis
External Links: online here; WebCite
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mirasol was interviewed in 2009 for McShep Match.

It is part of this series: McShep Match Interview Series.


How long have you been writing fan fiction?

Lots of things happened in 1982: I had a massive crush on Lee Curreri, I wore legwarmers and godawful skirts and I was still so traumatised by the ending of Blake's Seven (Torchwood had nothing on that devastation) that I wrote lots of make-it-right stories. Thankfully there's nothing tangible to prove this or I'd be so embarrassed now, I tell you.

All other evidence of cheesy Eighties/Nineties shows' fanfic has similarly been locked in a lead box, surrounded by concrete and dropped into a very active volcano.

As in writing fanfic that other people have read online? Since 2004...

Dude. I'm almost 40 (yes, yes, far too old to say 'Dude') and I've been a scifi/fantasy fan since oldWho's The Ark In Space. Go to and look at the list of fandoms; I've been fannishly involved with most of them to various degrees.

My other current or most recent fandoms are: BtVS, AtS, Firefly, Dr Who, Torchwood, Supernatural, Being Human, Merlin, Oz, Queer As Folk (UK and US), Rocky Horror, Ashes to Ashes and I'm going to stop there whilst I still can.

What do you enjoy most about SGA and/or SGA fandom?

Despite our innate insanity, most of the time this is one of the more mature fandoms I've been part of; I'm not talking us being decrepit old ladies with millions of cats here either. Whether there is going to be a SGA movie or not, we're basically now a fandom with closed canon yet there's lots of enthusiasm and it seems like natural fandom drift hasn't meant losing the SGA love.

I always enjoy reading through people's interests on their profile, especially when it's something no one else has listed. If you can tell us, what does "qing ri" mean? (or mean to you?)

Qing ri is one of those things that only fans understand, like “David Hewlett's heart-shaped ass”. It's from Firefly and it means “Blue Sun” and that's a whole 'nother post's worth to talk about. Basically, however, Firefly was an excellent show - cowboys in space, what's not to love? Above how cool I thought the show was, some of the actors take it to sub-zero when dealing with fans. This willingness to relate to their fans is something I also think is fantastic about certain SGA actors.

What kind of beta reader are you?

I'm probably not as critical as I should be but there's only ever been one fic that I wished my name wasn't associated with as beta – and it certainly wasn't by anyone on my flist (see above 'surrounds self with awesome people' statement).