McCoy Gets the Last Word

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You may be looking for (I Finally Got) The Last Word.

Title: McCoy Gets the Last Word
Type: fanfic
Date(s): 1988
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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McCoy Gets the Last Word is a gen Star Trek: TOS novel by Nancy Borden. The title is a reference to the original series episode "Journey to Babel"; after Kirk and Spock miraculously obey McCoy's order to stop talking, an elated McCoy turns to the camera and says, "Well, what do you know, I finally got the last word."


From Datazine #55: "Buy the only zine in which Mames 'Tomcat' Kirk is glad he doesn't get the girl. A freak accident strands Kirk, McCoy and Spock on an uncharted planet. Friendly natives rescue them. But soon circumstances have Kirk considering surrendering to the Klingons."

Reactions and Reviews

This zine was only 18 pages including illustrations. It was about McCoy mainly plus Kirk and Spock beaming down to a planet of aliens and getting involved in a difficult situation. A cute enough story but ended too abruptly. [1]


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