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Name: Matthew Jean Paul Walst
Also Known As: Matt Walst
Occupation: Musician (singer, guitarist, pianist), Songwriter
Medium: Music (rock/post-grunge, alt. rock)
Works: My Darkest Days, Three Days Grace (2013 and onwards)
Official Website(s): Website
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Matt Walst is the lead singer for Canadian rock band Three Days Grace and lead singer and one of the founding members of Canadian alt. rock band My Darkest Days. He is the younger brother of Brad Walst.


Most Common

Natt - Matt and Neil Sanderson, the second most popular ship in the Three Days Grace fandom and growing.

Less Common

Madam - Matt and Adam Gontier
Mani - Matt and Dani Rosenoer
Walstcest - Matt and his brother Brad
Any ships involving members of other bands, OCs, or self-inserts.

Fanon Representation


Matt Walst tag on AO3