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Name: Bradley James Walst
Also Known As: Brad Walst
Occupation: Musician (bassist, backing vocals), Songwriter
Medium: Music (rock/post-grunge)
Works: Three Days Grace
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Brad Walst is the bassist for Canadian rock band Three Days Grace and one of the band's founding members. He is the older brother of Matt Walst.


Most Common

Bradam - Brad and Adam Gontier, the most popular ship in the Three Days Grace fandom
Artship - Brad and Neil Sanderson (name comes from a series of jokes between the two in an interview)
Three Ways Grace or TWG - Brad and Adam and Neil in an OT3

Less Common

Brarry - Brad and Barry Stock
Darad - Brad and Dani Rosenoer
Walstcest - Brad and his brother Matt
Any ships involving members of other bands, OCs, or self-inserts.

Fanon Representation

Brad is possibly the most well-liked person in the Three Days Grace fandom. He's known to be quiet and humble during interviews, very friendly when meeting fans, and generally calm, funny, and caring. It was once a sort of joke in the Gracedom that it was impossible to find anyone who hated Brad.

In fics, Brad is typically portrayed as sensitive and understanding. He's often the one something bad happens to in Angst and Hurt/Comfort fics due to this sensitivity and because it's very difficult to see him "deserving" ill treatment, adding to the emotional impact of the writing. It's uncommon to find him in any sort of negative role. In TWG fics he's usually seen as the glue holding the relationship together, especially since Neil/Adam is almost always portrayed as a toxic or abusive relationship otherwise.

Brad's appearance is often taken into consideration in fanon as well. Because he's noticeably the shortest member of the band, he plays into size kinks well when paired with Neil or Barry, who are the tallest members. His short height can also make him appear more innocent or child-like in some aspects. The contrast between his appearance and Adam's is a focal point in Bradam, with Adam being tall and skinny with dark hair and lots of tattoos while Brad is short and sturdy with light hair and no (known) tattoos.


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