Mate (Star Trek: TOS story)

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Mate
Author(s): Kathy Penland
Date(s): 1976
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Mate is a Star Trek: TOS story by Kathy Penland.

It was published in Stardate: Unknown #2.

Reactions and Reviews

Nicely written, very short Spock get'em. McCoy talks Kirk out of giving up his career to stay near Spock, who is brain-damaged and dying. Kirk makes a last visit, leaving the chess board set up, waiting for Spock's last move. Hence, the title. [1]
It's very effectively done. However, it is not really a story, so don't expect too much. 'Mate' is similar. This ones' touching, again short, piece about Spock, after a near-fatal injury. [2]
"Mate' has a touching, yet particularly morbid parting scene between Kirk and Spock.... I read this story out of sequence having read the story and 'Mate' back to back. I was forced to antidote myself with a Winnie the Pooh book following that pair, so that I would not slash my wrists. Really a morbid duet. [3]


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