Master and Apprentice (Star Wars: TPM zine)

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Title: Master and Apprentice
Publisher: Unicorn Press
Date(s): May 2000
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
External Links: WayBack Archive link to Unicorn Press & Link to Siubhan's website.
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Master and Apprentice is a het and slash 76-page anthology The Phantom Menace zine with stories written by Siubhan. It features Darth Maul/Obi-Wan slash fiction.

front cover, Sophia Kelley Shultz

The zine has a cover by Sophia Kelley Shultz. There are no interior illustrations.


What happens when the Light Side and Dark Side collide? Find out in this collection of gritty stories. "Requiescat": an alternate ending to The Phantom Menace, where Maul attempts to turn Obi-Wan to the Dark Side. "Razor's Edge 1 and 2": Maul uses sex to show Obi-Wan the allure of the Dark Side. And "Everyone Loves Yoda": a very silly story that's exactly what it sounds like.


Oh yeah, Lucasfilms owns just about every stinking thing in these stories. What they don't own, I made up. Don't sue me, George. I spent all my money on repeated Star Wars viewings and Star Wars merchandise. I'm way more valuable to you with a disposable income.

From the Author

This story Is an alternate ending to Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Thanks to Rose and Raonaid for helping me whip this puppy Into shape. Their comments were Invaluable on everything from the overall plot to the nitpicky details. Thanks to Katherine the Art Chick for being a vociferous cheerleader. And finally, thanks to Hole's early albums for helping my hone my rage every time it started to slip. Grunge is dead. Long live grunge.


  • Requiescat (1)
  • Razor's Edge (62)
  • Everybody Loves Yoda (72)