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Name: MangaFox
Type: scanlation site, forums
Fandom: manga
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MangaFox is one of the biggest online scanlation sites.




In a forum announcement addressed to scanlation groups, MangaFox forum staff member Ezyl reported that the MangaFox volunteer staff had been unwillingly stripped of access to the site's backend and file management areas:

As many of you know, the voluntary staff have been completely stripped off permissions in the backend (Manga Upload Management Area) and as such we can no longer address any of your concerns, even if we may personally want to. [...] We would also like to inform everyone that the closure or deletion of the Scanlators Information forum seems to have been done by manga.dreamer. As such, the Quality Control branch of Mangafox's voluntary staff will be dissolved or rather had just been dissolved by him as well. [...] Since we no longer have permissions over the back end, we will leave the handling of that area to Noez from now on.[1][2]


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