Magnificent Slash Shorts

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Title: Magnificent Slash Shorts
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): Cinda Gillilan & Jody Norman
Medium: print
Fandom: Neon Rainbow Press Mag7 website
Language: English
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Magnificent Slash Shorts is a slash Magnificent Seven anthology. It is a sister zine to the gen fanzine Magnificent Shorts. Most stories are under ten pages.

Issue 1

Magnificent Slash Shorts 1 has 114 pages and is an all-Chris/Vin slash zine. Stories in this issue are set in the Old West and ATF Denver universes, and are under 10 pages in length.

  • Like Lickin' Butter off a Knife (by SueN) Old West. Chris's thought about Vin following the pilot and "One Day Out West." (8)
  • So Much Fer Easy (by SueN) Old West. Vin's thought about Chris following the pilot and "One Day Out West." (8)
  • Still Waters (by Tarlan) Old West, a missing scene from "Working Girls." Vin's thought about Chris. (6)
  • No More Words (by mcat) Old West, post the end of the series. Chris and Vin discover they don't need words to express their feelings. (3)
  • Without You (by Tarlan) Old West. A night on the trail opens Chris' eyes to possibilities he hadn't considered before. (8)
  • A Warm Fire to Soothe the Souls (by mcat) Old West. A cold night and a warm fire set the mood. (3)
  • A Little Lonely (by Tarlan) Old West. Vin leaves Four Corners, but he can't stay away for too long. (7)
  • Wish Upon a Star (by mcat) Old West. A night spent out under the stars. (3)
  • Finest Years (by Tarlan) Old West. When Vin finds Chris with someone else, he realizes the depths of his feelings. (4)
  • Sweet Dreams (by RubyJ) ATF Denver. Chris gives thanks. (2)
  • The Date (by mcat) ATF Denver. Chris saves Vin from a blind date gone bad, but things work out better than either man anticipated. (5)
  • Afternoon Delight (by Kaed) ATF Denver. Vin's still recuperating, but a little TLC never hurt anyone. (4)
  • Boys and Their Toys (by mcat) ATF Denver. Chris brings Vin some new toys. (4)
  • Like a Prayer (by Tarlan) ATF Denver. Vin's thoughts about Chris. (4)
  • Not on the Menu (by mcat) ATF Denver. Chris and Vin try out a new restaurant and enjoy themselves. (5)
  • Deer in the Headlights (by Storm) ATF Denver. A tie-up on the freeway leads to finding ways to pass the time. (3)
  • Fresh Air (by mcat) ATF Denver. A trip into the woods turns deadly for Vin. (9)
  • Chocolate Covered Cowboy (by Kaed) ATF Denver. One little slip and Team Seven's sniper is dipped. Luckily his boss sees to it he's also licked. (6)
  • Sucking Up (by mcat) ATF Denver. When Vin wants something he knows how to get it. (5)
  • It's a Small World After All (by mcat) ATF Denver. A trip to Disney World takes an unexpected turn for Chris and Vin. (4)
  • Denim Dreams (by Kaed) ATF Denver. Chris is thinking about Vin, but he's not seeing what he's looking at. (4)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Magnificent Slash Shorts 2 is 114 pages long and is a collection of 20 stories featuring Chris/Vin slash and was published in 2005. Eight of the stories are written in the OW or Old West universe. Twelve of the stories are written in the ATF or Alternative Future universe.

  • A Little Something to Ease the Pain (by mcat) Old West. Vin is hurt, but Chris knows how to comfort. (3)
  • Almost Awake at Midnight (by mcat) Old West. Even half-asleep things can get pretty interesting. (2)
  • The Host (by Tarlan) Old West. An old man offers Chris and Vin shelter from a storm, but there's more here than meets the eye. (6)
  • The Saloon (by Tarlan) Old West. Observations on Chris and Vin's relationship from an outsider. (4)
  • The Street (by Tarlan) Old West. A young man in town thinks about Chris and Vin's relationship as he tries to decide what he himself wants. (2)
  • Unashamed (by Tarlan) Old West. Thoughts from Chris and Vin. (5)
  • Wanting Trilogy (by mcat) Old West. Thank goodness they all want the same thing! (3)
  • Cooling Off (by mcat) Can't give this one away, so just enjoy! (2)
  • Desperate (by mcat) ATF Denver. Chris gets a call from Vin, demanding that he come over right now! (2)
  • Everybody Leaves (by Kaed) ATF Denver. Chris is a little peeved and he takes it out on Vin. (5)
  • I'll Be There (by Kaed) ATF Denver. Vin calls Chris when he gets sick. (4)
  • It was a Dark and Stormy Night (by Kaed) ATF Denver. A thunderstorm gives Chris and Vin a chance to cuddle. (3)
  • Killing Time (by mcat) ATF Denver. A traffic tie-up leaves Chris and Vin trying to find a way to pass the time. (3)
  • Male Box (by SueN) ATF Denver. Who would have thought work could be this much fun? (11)
  • The Past Comes Back (by mcat) ATF Denver. Vin gets some disturbing news he must pass along to Chris. (10)
  • Stallion (by Storm) ATF Denver. A stallion gives Chris and Vin some ideas, or was it the other way around? (4)
  • Tease (by mcat) ATF Denver. You give someone an inch and they take a mile! (2)
  • Touch Me (by Kaed) ATF Denver. A little slip by Chris brings back some bad memories for Vin. (8)
  • Tumbling Out Series (by mcat) ATF Denver. In these shorts you'll watch the development of an interesting threesome! (21)
  • Vinilla (by mcat) ATF Denver. Ah, snacks! (2)
  • Foreplay? (by mcat) ATF Denver (parody). It's amazing what passes for foreplay for these two! (2)

Issue 3

Magnificent Slash Shorts 3 is 113 pages and is an all-Chris/Vin slash zine. Stories in this issue are set in the Old West and ATF Denver universes, and are under 10 pages in length. The original submission deadline was June 2005.

  • In the Still of the Night (by Kaed) ATF Denver. Vin's been hurt, but Chris is there for some TLC. (5)
  • The Morning Dawn (by Kaed) ATF Denver, a sequel to "In the Still of the Night." Vin wakes the next morning and needs some more TLC. (4)
  • Afternoon Delight (by Kaed) ATF Denver, a sequel to "The Morning Dawn." Vin is feeling a little better. (4)
  • The Cool of the Evening (by Kaed) ATF Denver, a sequel to "Afternoon Delight." The partners close out the day, together. (5)
  • Giving Comfort (by Kaed) ATF Denver. Chris needs some TLC and Vin is there to provide it. (4)
  • The Closet (by Kaed) ATF Denver. Vin is trapped in a closet and Chris has to talk him through it. (5)
  • The Promise (by Kaed) ATF Denver. Vin is sitting vigil at Chris's bedside. (6)
  • Sundial (by Kaed) ATF Denver. Chris comes home to find a surprise waiting for him. (3)
  • Tongue Lashing (by Kaed) ATF Denver. Chris gets a tongue lashing. (3)
  • Where You get Your Appetite (by Kaed) ATF Denver. A little movie watching does wonders for Vin. (3)
  • Speechless! (by mcat) ATF Denver. Vin ends up with a painful problem. (4)
  • Manly Sex (by mcat) ATF Denver. Vin makes Chris say please. (1)
  • Sharing Blankets (by Thistle) Old West. Buck has some words of advice for Chris. (1)
  • Early Riser (by Kaed) Old West. JD gets an eyeful. (2)
  • His Knees (by mcat) Old West. Observations on knees. (1)
  • Questions and Answers (by mcat) Old West. Just what the title says! (1)
  • Can't Hurt Me No Worse (by mcat) Old West. Vin shows up at the cabin, hurt. (7)
  • Possession (by mcat) Old West. Sometimes you just have to own someone. (3)
  • Leaving (by mcat) Old West. Vin stops Chris from leaving. (1)
  • Relief (by mcat) Old West. A scare has Chris acting out. (2)
  • Dreams and Reality (by mcat) Old West. Sometimes it's hard to tell dreams from reality. (3)
  • You Know You Want It (by mcat) Old West. Sometimes it's best to just surrender. (2)
  • What It Takes (by mcat) Old West. If you have the key, the lock can't stand. (3)
  • Once Upon a Time (by mcat) Old West. Some thoughts on beginnings and ends. (1)
  • Sated (by mcat) Old West. Just some good lovin'. (2)
  • Mirrors (by Tarlan) Old West. The eyes are the mirror of the soul. (2)
  • Sure Fingers (by Tarlan) Old West. Love those hands! (1)
  • Hot Summer Days (by Tarlan) Old West. Sometimes you just have to find the best way to pass the time when it's hot. (1)
  • Sestina: A Tracker's Heart (by Tarlan) Old West. A poem. (2)
  • Keeping Warm (by Tarlan) Old West. When it's cold, there are better and worse ways of trying to get warm. (10)
  • Real People (by Tarlan) Old West. Sometimes it's hard when the people you know become too real. (12)

Issue 4

Magnificent Slash Shorts 4 contains 114 pages.

  • Id That What I Think It Is (by Angie) ATF Denver) (4)
  • Downpour by Annie (Old West) (7)
  • Down and Dirty by Annie (Old West) (6)
  • Dinner: The Apperitif by Annie (ATF Denver) (4)
  • Dinner: The Appetizer by Annie (ATF Denver) (5)
  • Dinner: les Huitres Oysters by Annie (ATF Denver) (4)
  • Out to Lunch by Annie (ATF Denver) (6)
  • Destinations by Farad (Old West) (6)
  • Churning the Mix by Farad (Old West) (11)
  • Four by JIN (ATF Denver) (3)
  • Sunrise in Blue Eyes by Kade (Old West) (4)
  • Been Too Long (Old West) by mcat (3)
  • Where Do We Go From Here by mcat (Old West) (3)
  • Making It Right by mcat (ATF Denver) (4)
  • Silent Scream by mcat (ATF Denver) (5)
  • Zephyr (Old West) by Tarlan (2)
  • The Hole by The Tenth Muse 1(Old West) (4)
  • After by The Tenth Muse 1(Old West) (5)
  • Letting Off Steam by Wildcat Old West) (5)
  • Hope and Faith by Wildcat (ATF Denver) (4)
  • The End of the Seven by Wildcat (ATF Denver) (8)