Magnificent Seven Handbook

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Title: Magnificent Seven Handbook
Creator: Zeke Black
Medium: online
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven
External Links: [1]
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Magnificent Seven Handbook is a resource for the show The Magnificent Seven. It is a canon compendium compiled by Zeke Black.

It includes:


  • Characters and historical personages who appear in the episodes or are referred to.


  • States, territories, towns, and specific businesses and buildings within towns.


  • References to songs and literature, historical events, liquor, money and prices, social activities, drugs: everything that doesn't fit in People or Places.

Clothing: What The Seven Wear

  • Pictures and descriptions of the Seven's clothes. S1 is done and I'm adding S2; also linked from the Episode Guide.

Episode Guide

  • Episode info and synopses, with images of the main and recurring characters; includes links to Transcripts and Clothing.

Episode Transcripts

  • Quick-link to the table below; also linked from the Episode Guide.

Guest Characters

  • Screencaps of guests from major ones like Casey to the very minor like Cody Porter; also linked in the People section of the Handbook.

Quotes with Audio Clips

  • Quotes from all the episodes gathered together on one page, each with an .mp3 sound file.

Opening Titles

  • video file, 15mb .avi; please save to your computer before playing

Theme Music

  • music clip, 1.4mb .mp3 - taken from the opening titles, so includes background sounds like horses galloping and gun clicks

Writers and Directors

  • Table of who wrote and directed each of the episodes.