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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Maggie's Place
Author: Maggie Honeybite
Dates: last updated October 20, 2005
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings, The Charioteer, At Swim, Two Boys
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Not to be confused with Maggie's Place for Fan Fiction and Original Fiction, by a different fan.

Maggie's Place is a website for the Lord of the Rings slash stories by Maggie Honeybite. It is hosted by The page has a fanart section for art inspired by her LotR stories. There is also a section for non-LotR fanfiction.

LOTR Fan Fiction

  • While You Sleep - PWP - Erestor wants to sleep; Glorfindel has other ideas. Fits into the "Sweetness and Gall" story arc. (Newly edited.)
  • Sweetness and Gall - Melpomaen moves to Imladris and develops feelings for its Lord; Glorfindel, after centuries of flitting from flower to flower, succumbs to the charms of the serious advisor, Erestor. This story is now complete. Winner of the March 2004 Morgana's Readers' Award
  • Secondhand Happiness - Sequel to "Sweetness and Gall." Unexpected visitors to Imladris lead Melpomaen to make difficult decisions about his future and force Erestor to come to terms with his past.
  • Read to Me - PWP - Elrond and Melpomaen spend some quality time in the library. Fits into the "Sweetness and Gall" story arc.
  • In the Bleak Midwinter - PWP - On a cold winter night in Lindon, things heat up between the High King and his herald for the very first time. Can be read as part of the "Sweetness and Gall" story arc, but also stands alone. (Newly edited)
  • Promise of Fire - Fingon struggles to keep a promise made long ago. Fingon/Maedhros angst. Warning: disturbing themes.
  • Spiders in the Mist - An Arachnid Love Story - On a mission to the Valley of Dreadful Death, two giant spiders encounter adventure, tackle moral issues and find love. Inspired by Tehta's "Flawed and Fair." AU, humour, spider slash.
  • As Rivers of Water in a Dry Place - NEW!!!! During the siege of the Barad-dûr, Gil-galad struggles with the burden of leadership and the grim reality of war. Elrond helps. (E/GG slash)

Non-LOTR Fan Fiction

  • Through a Glass, Darkly - NEW!! Based on Mary Renault's "The Charioteer." Pairing: Laurie Odell/Andrew Raynes (Ralph/Laurie implied) Laurie learns that love isn't always a soft option. Takes place a few weeks after the culminating events of the book.
  • But to Console - Based on Jamie O'Neill's "At Swim, Two Boys." Pairing MacEmm/Jim. Shortly after Doyler's death, MacEmm and Jim spend a night at Ballygihen House. Jim can't sleep. (AU: This story makes no allowance for the characters' internment).