MCU Wintershock Author Spotlight on Lara

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Interviews by Fans
Title: MCU Wintershock Author Spotlight on Lara
Interviewer: MCU Wintershock
Interviewee: Lara
Date(s): February 6, 2017
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Marvel Cinematic Universe
External Links: MCU Wintershock Author Spotlight on Lara, Archived version
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Part of a Series

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What about Wintershock as a pairing appeals to you?

Honestly? I’ve always been a big sucker for the dog/cat person trope. I just enjoy big grump meets small happy (or big happy meets small grump -same diff). Bucky in this scenario, in my headcanon of course, is the big grumpy cat person while Darcy is the smaller (Not little, never little) dog person. The dynamic is unbeatable and gives me the tingles in my stomach area.

How did you first encounter the pairing?

I believe I found the pairing sometime in 2012, by chance, probably in the middle of the night while looking for stucky fanfics, yes I admit, I started it out with ot3 fics. I first started writing for darcyland on my flight to the us in 2014. It’s been, save a few minor hiccups, a blast!

Do you have any specific Wintershock headcanons?

I wouldn’t call them headcanons but I have a few ideas on how these two would get together and sadly it’s gotten to the point where my no-good brain has decided any other way is unacceptable (sorry to all the au writers out there). They are certainly, to me, the friends to lovers type of people, friends with benefits? Not really, I don’t see either Bucky or Darcy being really into that kind of arrangement, to me Bucky is a huge softie who doesn’t get enough out of that arrangement. He’s a commitment kinda guy and Darcy, while more open to it, just enjoys the unconditional cuddling of a person at night knowing they’ll still be there in the morning. Bucky and darcy both have fun weak, soft spots for animals, if they were left to their own devices they’d surely end up on animal hoarders one day. Darcy has a healthy dose of respect for all kinds of dangerous situations but if something needs her special brand of help she’s always the first to jump into the fray - at the expense of Bucky’s poor, geriatric heart. Also Bucky loves fresh pressed orange juice from Whole Foods.

What Wintershock fic by someone else would you recommend to others to read? What about this fic appeals to you?

Of course per the rules of extended nepotism I recommend my friends first. Gingerlocks is one of those people who you admire for their creativity alone but when you really get to know her and see just how dedicated and hardworking she is it’s hard to resist the charm of her works. But this space would be wasted if I just mentioned people who have already been mentioned millions of times. SHIELD1 is one of those people who continuously inspires me to be funnier and more heartfelt with each chapter they post. Another person to mention is SarcasticFina who has been a pillar to fandom for as long as I can remember, both in writing and on tumblr. Recommending just one story from any of them would be blasphemous. There are all kinds of people who inspire me with their writing and yet don’t get enough credit for all the work and creativity they put into their stories. For me it’s all about quality over quantity.