MCU Wintershock Artist Spotlight on Nemhaine42

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Interviews by Fans
Title: MCU Wintershock Artist Spotlight on Nemhaine42
Interviewer: MCU Wintershock
Interviewee: Nemhaine42
Date(s): May 28, 2015
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Marvel Cinematic Universe
External Links: MCU Wintershock Artist Spotlight on Nemhaine42, Archived version
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Part of a Series

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What about the Wintershock pairing appeals to you?

They both have a whiff of the side-kick about them; Darcy to Jane and Bucky to Steve. Pairing them together gives them their own little world in which they can be the heroes. Bucky also needs some TLC and that seems to be Darcy’s bag (at least to me). So he can have someone comforting but it’s fresh, it’s not tinged with any pressure to be the Bucky that others remember. He can carve out a new Bucky with Darcy.

How did you first encounter the ship?

I don’t actually remember but it must have been via fuckyeahdarcylewis, as all Darcy-roads lead to Darcy-Rome. There were rumblings of the pair in the build-up to CA:TWS, and after that it took off like a greyhound.

When did you first start making fandom art?

Avengers-related fanart began in the summer of 2012, in the post-Avengers haze (although I’d been in the fandom since Iron Man). If you widen it to all Marvel fanart, then I started back in the mid-00s because I was big into X-Men. X-Men: Evolution will always be my base and any other incarnations have that to live up to, including the up-coming interpretations of Pietro and Wanda. But I’ve been doing fanart for other fandoms since the 90s (I’m an old lady and Dragonball Z has a lot to answer for).

What medium/program do you use to create your art (i.e. oil on canvas, ink on paper, Adobe Photoshop, etc.)?

Everything starts life as a pencil drawing, sometimes on nice paper with graded pencils, other times with a shitty mechanical pencil on the back of botched paperwork from the office. I used to ink things before scanning them but now I rarely do. It gets scanned to use as a base for fresh lineart in Photoshop, followed by colouring, shading, and any backgrounds.