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Journal Community
Name: MCR_daily_flail
Date(s): Created 15 October 2011 (livejournal); 26 December 2011 (dreamwidth)
Moderator: asherly89, bdr28, mnkyjnkieang, rubytuesday5681, valress (livejournal); akamine_chan, boozey, rubytuesday5681 (dreamwidth)
Founder: rubytuesday5681?
Type: discussion
Fandom: My Chemical Romance
URL: wayback machine copy

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MCR_daily_flail was a LiveJournal community for My Chemical Romance fans created in 2011. From the profile page:

How does it work?
- Mods make regular news/discussion posts which include all new news, media, and concert info for the period of time in which the discussion post is active. This time period could be anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks.
- Daily picspams go in the current news/discussion post.
- All members are welcome to add new news, media, and info to the discussion post.
- In addition to the news/discussion posts, we also have a fic-recs post and an info post about MCR. We also have occasional Watch Party Posts and regular MCR Fanfic Reading Club posts!

What are we allowed to post?
- Members may comment in news/discussion posts with anything relevant to MCR. This includes all current members of MCR and their associated side projects. You may comment about other related 'Bandom' people/news, but please clearly label the comment as being only indirectly related to the topic of the comm.
- O.T. comments are allowed in discussion posts, but please clearly label them as being O.T.
- Fanfiction! All fanfiction is welcome so long as it includes at least one current member of MCR. Whether fanfic posts are locked or not is at the discretion of the author doing the posting. It is in your best interest to become a member of the comm so that you don't miss anything!
- Fanfic recs! Please post all your fanfic recs!
- Fandom news and happenings, please pimp your comms/fests/exchanges etc... here!
- Picspams, gifspams, vidspams, etc... All are welcome!
- Lengthy posts must be placed under an lj cut.
- If you are unsure about whether what you want to post is okay, please PM a mod for permission, thanks!

- This is not strictly a shipping comm, however shipping discussion is welcome and encouraged. Bashing of other people's ships will not be tolerated, it will get you banned. It doesn't hurt anyone to scroll past things that don't interest them.
- Tinhatting is totally allowed, but let's keep it light and fun okay? This is not the place for any srs bsns 'true believer' nonsense. At the same time, please don't ruin each other's fun by raining on people's bsc tin-hatting parades. You might think it's dumb, but that doesn't mean you get to bring other people down, scrolling past it is not going to hurt you.
- We have a zero tolerance policy on wank. Shit-stirring will get you banned.
- Absolutely NO bashing of band members' RL significant others. We don't want a negative atmosphere in here. Friendly discussion and praise is always welcome, but no outright bashing.
- Don't be afraid to say what's on your mind, but let's try to keep the concern-trolling and pearl-clutching to a minimum, kay?
- Don't be a bitch!
- Have fun!


A dreamwidth copy was created a few months later. In 2013 the community formally moved to dreamwidth, and posting in the LJ comm ceased. At that time the dreamwidth comm was called post_mcr_flail; likely it had been renamed after the band split. Some time later the dreamwith community was renamed to the_neverenders, changing its focus from MCR to Frank Iero. The last post in the dreamwidth community occurred in early 2016.

As of 2017 the LiveJournal community had 210 posts; 11,019 comments; and 149 members.[1] The dreamwidth community had 350 posts; 12,549 comments; and 77 members.[2] Both the livejournal and dreamwidth communities were later deleted.


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