Lynne Wexler

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Name: Lynne Wexler
Type: fanzine publisher, fan writer
Fandoms: Beauty and the Beast, Star Trek
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Lynne Wexler was a Beauty and the Beast fanzine publisher who published several fanzines in the 1990s. She also helped edit the multi-fandom zine Media Rare. Her Beauty and the Beast fan fiction also appeared in zines. In her personal life, Lynne was a well loved librarian at Mother Theodore Guerin Catholic High School for Girls in River Grove, Illinois.

In 1991, she appeared on television quiz show Jeopardy, winning over $70,000 total as a five-time champion, and used her winnings "to travel to out-of-town to 'Beauty and the Beast' fan club conventions". [1] Some of her Beauty and the Beast poetry appeared in the 2009 Winterfest and can be viewed here, Archived version.

Prior to her involvement in Beauty and the Beast fandom, she also attended Star Trek conventions. She died in February 2014.[2]


Lynne, or Ms. Wexler, as students knew her, was well known for always wearing a Beauty and the Beast pin on her coat or sweater.


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