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Name: Lynne Banister (previously Lynne Collins)
Fandoms: Star Trek
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Lynne Banister was the president of the Star Trek Action Group and the editor of that club's newsletter by the same name, Star Trek Action Group from 1990 to ?

In 1993, she wrote:

I've watched and enjoyed Star Trek ever since it first appeared on TV here but it was many years before I discovered organised fandom. My main hobby in the 70s was computers; I had an early model Commodore computer (with a whole 8K of memory) and taught myself to program it. But at the beginning of 1984, while browsing in Odyssey, I saw an advert for a forthcoming Star Trek convention to be held in Manchester. We went to the convention and life has not been the same since. I got into fandom in a big way, joining clubs, writing articles and stories for newsletters and zines, and collecting all the books, particularly the books and,sines from the early 70s. Although I tend to keep my personal preferences to myself and not let them influence the contents of the Star Trek Action Group|newsletter, many of you will already know that I'm a Spock fan, first and foremost. I love the Spock/McCoy relationship and, for me, the Kirk/Spock/MeCoy relationship is a very important aspect of the original series. I've enjoyed watching Next Gen: there have been some excellent episodes although I find it less easy to choose a favourite character. I guess Picard, Worf and Dr. Crusher top the list. DS9 looks very good from the few episodes I've seen; I like Quark, and Kira is an interesting character. [1]