Low Red Moon

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Title: Low Red Moon
Creator: thuviaptarth
Date: November 2008
Format: streaming, DivX .avi
Length: 4:46 minutes
Music: Low Red Moon by Belly
Fandom: Supernatural
Footage: Supernatural, amateur moon footage
URL: original vid announcement; remaster
screencap of the vid's title card

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Low Red Moon is a Supernatural fanvid by thuviaptarth. It was reviewed by marinarusalka at the reel on January 27, 2009. It was the vidder's first vid.

Vidder's Summary: Ruby character study, Season Three. And the moon became as blood.

Remaster notes: "The red moon in the original and the remaster is taken from the NASA-hosted photographs of lunar eclipses by amateur photographers. (It didn't occur to me to just recolor stock footage until people commented assuming that was what I'd done. Oops?) For the remaster, I replaced the S3 downloaded footage with DVD footage, changed some coloring decisions, fixed some timing issues, and replaced or put in new clips to support timing fixes and clarify meaning in a few places."


Low red moon
How can you sleep like a baby?
Sleep like a baby?
When you shine so different on another
You shine different on another


  • "a little long, but still a very effective, atmospheric look at Ruby's relationship with Sam in Season 3.....This was an effective, visually striking vid, and a strong exploration of an underappreciated character."[1]
  • "OMG, what a look at Sam (and Dean) through Ruby's eyes. There are others amongst the YEDs children that she could've chosen, but I think you go a very long way to show what Ruby sees in Sam. He's not the fastest, the most powerful, the most maliable, and that's what makes him like no other. I liked the use of "he belongs to me" in conjunction with the images of the YED and Ruby. And it was creepy-cool because it reinforced the notion that Sam's never really been his own person. He was created to serve one agenda and now he's been co-opted for another."[2]
  • "I love how a vid works as a sort of focus via kaleidoscope -- like, you get all these images and fractured slivers of scenes, and all together they sort of mirror a theme (or several). Here what I primarily got out of it was how corruptible Sam is, maybe because of the circumstances of his birth and his part demon-ness, but also, he's just following in his family's footsteps. There's a lot of dealing with the dark side in the Winchester family. Both the blood imagery (infection, penetration, leakage, corruption), and the actual scenes of deals being struck and all those demon counterparties who we know very well, were really powerful when placed one after another."[3]
  • "Bits that caught my eye: flickering motel lights sliding into sync with the song's drums. The smile on her face when he takes the gun away after the clock flips to midnight. How well the vid fits the song's beat in general, given that it's an odd stuttery rhythm that doesn't seem to me as though it would match the visual rhythm of most things."[4]
  • "Is there anyone in SPN fandom or Vidding fandom who hasn't yet downloaded [thuviaptarth]'s new (first!) vid, Low Red Moon? Because holy cow, it's gorgeous. Also spooky and smart and creative, just like [thuviaptarth]'s other fanwork. This is Ruby and Sam and Sam-and-Ruby, and what Ruby sees in Sam, where Sam is coming from and where he might be going. No S4 footage, btw. Seriously, this may be the most beautiful SPN vid I've ever seen. Go watch it, now!"[5]


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