Love is Giving

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Title: Love is Giving
Publisher: Lionheart
Date(s): May 2014
Medium: print, download
Size: digest
Genre: slash
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
External Links: online flyer; WebCite
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Love is Giving is a 144-page slash multifandom fiction zine. It is a charity zine, created to raise money for two fans in need.


A sister zine is Hope Rising.


  • Love Means… Never having To Say You're Sorry by Lyn (When Tim loses a bet, it spirals into dangerous territory.) NCIS Tony/Tim
  • Reactions by Annie (Due to what happens after Rodney views the Satedan's sacred texts, a secret is revealed.) SGA Sheppard/McKay
  • Gaslight by L.A. Adolf (Holmes is back but not quite ready for a reunion with Watson.) Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, Holmes/Watson
  • Healing Touch by Grey (After Radek is injured in a lab accident, Carson nurses him back to health.) SGA Carson/Radek
  • Let it Fly by Bast & Sekhmet ( After an argument over Brian's behaviour on a S.W.A.T. mission, Jim orders Brian out of their house. Heartbroken, Brian goes, only to be captured by a drug dealer looking for Jim. Brian is critically wounded, and it is soon apparent that if he survives, he'll never be the same.) S.W.A.T. (movie), Jim Street/Brian Gamble
  • Little Birds by Ingrid Matthews (Watson does his best to unravel the mystery presented in a portrait of the great detective, but when he discovers the answer, what will he say to Holmes?) Sherlock Holmes 2009 (Ritchieverse) Holmes/Watson