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Interviews by Fans
Title: Lois & Clark Nfic Archive Interview with RL (Roger Lo)
Interviewee: RL
Date(s): early 2000s
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
External Links: Lois & Clark, Archived version
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RL was interviewed for the Lois & Clark Nfic Archive.

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The introduction:
This week's interviewee is new to FoLCdom this year, although he's been a fan of the series for some time and a Superman fan for much longer. He's one of the fandom's few active men, and very quickly made himself popular among fanfic writers for his enthusiastic and thoughtful comments on stories being posted in installments on the Lois and Clark Fanfic Message Boards. More recently, he's actually tried his hand at being an author himself - you can find his work on this site and on the Fanfic Archive at www.lcfanfic.com.

Some Excerpts

How long have you been a FoLC? This is actually my second time around. The first time was during the show's actual run, though my memory's a little hazy as to the exact time frame. I watched the show in its original run from beginning to end and taped every episode. I remember signing into the old #loiscla IRC channel and talking to some of the FoLC's who were active at the time, plus reading e-mail versions of fanfic from a listserv. After a little while, though, I dropped out of FoLCdom. I came back to it about ten months ago, when I saw my sister watching the show on TNT. I started watching again and got hooked for the second time. After a short while, I remembered my experiences back during my first time around FoLCdom, which drew me back to fanfic. The fanfic led to Zoomway's message board and eventually onto the L&C Fanfic Message Board where I've been posting regularly for a couple months now after months of lurking.
What drew you to Lois and Clark?

I've always been a fan of Superman in the media, not so much the comics. I never could get into comic books of any kind even though I am an avid reader of Science Fiction/Fantasy novels. I've watched the George Reeves television series, the Christopher Reeve movies and even the hated Smallville, plus the Saturday morning cartoons of the Justice League and other cartoon versions of Superman. Of all the various incarnations I've seen, the best has been L&C: TNAOS. Just the fact that it was Superman got me watching the show to start but it was Lois and Clark, the characters, who kept me watching, and now reading.

To me, this series had the best chemistry between the two main characters of any of the Superman versions. They were the show. I also really liked the fact that Clark Kent was the real person, rather than the superhero. The true interaction between Lois and Clark was in their everyday interactions as partners. Notably different are the Christopher Reeve movies, though granted they were made before DC Comics remade their universes. Superman was the real persona there, which left very little room for character interaction since Lois spent most of her time with the nerd, Clark Kent.

In L&C: TNAOS, it may have been very different if they had cast other actors than Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain. They were marvellous together. The premise combined with the actors made for a fabulous blend of romance and drama, plus a little comedy thrown in from time to time. I simply couldn't see Kevin Sorbo in the role of Superman. I think the major part of what attracted me to the show was the romance aspect. I'm an old romantic at heart and love to see the story of two people finding their way together despite the obstacles. Since most of fanfic is heavily relationship/romance oriented, it seems most of the FoLC's agree with me.
When did you first discover fanfic? I actually discovered two worlds of fanfic at the same time back during my first trip through FoLCdom. Though I enjoyed reading Lois and Clark fanfic then, I was actually more attracted to Babylon 5 fanfic. Again, it was the romantic aspects of the series that attracted me, so much of the fanfic I read was oriented towards the romantic leads, Captain John Sheridan and Delenn. This time around the block, I'm focused exclusively on L&C fan fiction. I enjoy it now so much more than I did then. Perhaps my tastes changed, or maybe there's just so much more to read nowadays. Plus the authors today are fantastic! Or should I use Teri Hatcher's favorite word, "fabulous?"