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Name: Local Hero
Creator: Bill Forsyth (director)
Date(s): 1983
Medium: Movie
Country of Origin: Britain, U.S. distribution
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Local Hero is a quirky movie about a Texas oilman who goes to a small town in Scotland in order to buy the town to turn it into an oil refinery. While there, he falls in love (with the town? with life there? with the local innkeeper? with the local innkeeper's wife? all of the above?) and is forever changed.


This is a Yuletide fandom, though so far it only has one Yuletide story, Even the Lonestar State Gets Lonesome by brooklinegirl, written in 2005.

As of this writing, there's only one Local Hero story in the AO3 (as the aforementioned Yuletide story hasn't yet migrated there.) It's Kass' Beneath Scottish Skies (2012), a piece of trio-fic which can be read as a sequel to "Even the Lonestar State Gets Lonesome," or can be read as a stand-alone story. Kass also put together a very tiny picspam featuring Gordon, Stella, and Mac "then" (during the movie) and "now" (during the "now" of the story, which is to say, 2007 or thereabouts.)[1]

Kass is also responsible for the one extant Local Hero vid, Evening Waltz (AO3 link), which premiered at Vividcon in 2012.


"Mac" MacIntyre, Gordon Urquhart, Stella Urquhart, Marina, Danny, Victor


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