Lloyd Lowery/Julianne Simms

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Pairing: Dr. Lloyd Lowery/Julianne Simms
Alternative name(s): Lloyd/Jules
Gender category: Het, M/F
Fandom: Breakout Kings
Canonical?: semi-canon[1]
Prevalence: popular
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Lloyd/Julianne is a het pairing of Lloyd Lowery and Julianne Simms from Breakout Kings.


Due to Lloyd being an ex-professor and not a lot of field experience, he's often left behind with Julianne at the home base. He's becomes friendly with her, offering her advice about her social anxiety disorder after realizing that she had it. However, he kept that information to himself. It's fairly well-known by the others members of the Breakout Kings that Lloyd has a crush on Julianne, however Julianne has feelings for Ray Zancanelli although she does kiss Lloyd - she states she couldn't ever like him because of his criminal history.

However, had the series continued, the executive producer, Nick Santora, stated that Lloyd and Jules would marry and eventually have a child that they name Charlie, after Charlie Duchamp[2].


The Lloyd/Julianne pairing grew fairly immediately following Breakout Kings' premiere, the Livejournal community lloyd_julianne was created March 30, 2011[3]. Fanfiction for the pairing started appearing as early as April 2011.

Common Tropes and Themes

  • Lloyd helping Julianne with any of her disorders.


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