Livin' in the Fridge (Guz and Goddess AMV)

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Anime Music Video
Title: Livin' in the Fridge
Date: March 30, 2001
Format: div3/pcm avi
Length: 3:36
Music: Weird Al Yankovic, "Living in the Fridge"
Category: Comedy, Fun
Fandom: Cowboy Bebop
Footage: episode 11, "Toys in the Attic"; a few scenes from other episodes

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Livin' in the Fridge is a parody AMV created for Cowboy Bebop. It is an early example of the genre.

The AMV combines Weird Al's "Living in the Fridge" with the episode "Toys in the Attic" from Cowboy Bebop. Both the song and the episode are themselves parodies: Weird Al's song spoofs "Living on the Edge" by Aerosmith, while "Toys in the Attic" spoofs B-Movie horror films.

Of their work, Guz and Goddess said,

Some elements took laborious effort to match our vision; others fell together naturally, or were discovered accidentally during editing. It's been said that the concept was a no-brainer, that anyone could have done it. I can't really argue, but I hope our actualization does it justice.[1]


This was studio Guz and Goddess's first AMV. It premiered at Fanime 2001 and took first place in both the Comedy and Best Overall categories. After 16 opinions, the overall score for the AMV was 8.83, with the highest category score being a 9.58 for originality and the lowest an 8.43 for lip-syncing.[1]

DarkSchneider gave this opinion:

Good: An obvious "Weird Al" vid done in a good way. The "Toys in the Attic" episode was definitely something good to pair with this song, and ya pulled it off too without anything bad. Ya hit some high points very well, especially the "maybe I should take another peek..." part.

Bad: Like I said, didn't really find anything wrong, except maybe the lip synching was kinda off in a few areas maybe.  

General: Overall, this is a really good vid. I haven't seen a lot of Weird Al/Cowboy Bebop pairings in an AMV, so this is one I like. Great job man, and thanks for the laughs[2]

Similar Works

Prior to Guz and Goddess's version, "Some Stupid Guy With Nothing Better To Do" (ssgwnbtd) used the same concept.[3] Two other AMVs based on this concept were uploaded in 2005,[4] and more have been uploaded to Youtube[5]. The concept is generally treated as obvious.[6][3]

Ssgwnbtd's version differs from the others in that it includes an outro with music from the Nutcracker Suite and voiceover lines from the editor.


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