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Title: Live, Laugh, Stuck
Created by: Jackie aka Jax
Date(s): Jan 2018 - Mar 3018, Dec 2019 - Current
Focus: Homestuck, analysis, community, fanprojects
Fandom: Homestuck
External Links: Main Website
Podcast Host Website

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Live, Laugh, Stuck is a Homestuck fan podcast run by Jackie aka Jax.

When it initially started in January, 2018 on SoundCloud under the name "Jax Does Homestuck," it was focused on reading Homestuck out loud like a solo podfic then reviewing each Act with a guest. It was put under an indefinite hiatus a few months later, then started back up in December of that year under the same name, but on Buzzsprout and with a different purpose. This time it would focus on analyzing Homestuck in a variety of ways, starting with the series "Gaystuck" in which the host commented on every moment in Homestuck in which the characters could be read as expressing same gender attraction. The podcast had since expanded its scope of just analysis and runs several different series, including its podfic-esque roots, now dubbed the "Readstuck" series.

While it currently only has one host, it also has guests, both one time guests to talk about specific characters or their own fan projects, or more regular guests such as Domi, the host of The Doomed Timelines, a podfic podcast featuring a variety of Homestuck fanfics who also composed the theme song "Dirty Dirk Kinnie", and Kansas, the host of The Meta, a podcast about podcasts and the creator of the Live, Laugh, Stuck's podcast art.