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Many role-playing games related to Merlin exist in a variety of formats. The first RPGs began shortly after the show first aired in Fall 2008. Keep the Magic Secret opened in late October 2008, and Legends of Pendragon followed in November. RPGs vary in their adherence to canon, as well as their setting, and their pairings.

The first LJ-based RPG to appear was Camelot_RP in December 2008. It was closed, the role-playing posts deleted, and is in process of staring another round as of March 2010.

Dedicated Merlin RPGs

Several RPGs exist exclusively in the Merlin fandom. These include:

LJ-Based Merlin RPGs

Forum-Based Merlin RPGs

Multi-Fandom RPGs

Merlin characters have appeared in a number of multi-fandom RPGs as well, including:

Over four different versions of Arthur, Merlin, and Morgana have played on thedressingroom, sometimes interacting with each other. [1]

In Cardiff currently lists Merlin as a character being played.

Other Mediums

Merlin role-play also occurs in less traditional formats.

Facebookelot is a popular Merlin/Arthur centric RPG played on facebook. It was an extension of the popular inclusion of facebook conversations in modern AU multimedia works and fics.

The Rising Sun Tavern is a lexicon-based game, centering on daily life in Camelot a year after the end of season two. It was created by briar_pipe following several conversations on camelot_fleet, and is the first manifestation of guards!verse.


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